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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy

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Sauna Therapy Detox

Our full-spectrum infrared sauna uses a proprietary Solo-Carbon generator to create deep-penetrating gentle heat. Full-spectrum sauna therapy improves circulation, relieves pain, decreases stress, relaxes muscles, detoxifies, and aids in weight loss. Sauna Therapy is provided with pre-programmed settings, designed specifically for the benefits you seek.
30 minutes. $50 single/$55 double, a la carte.
45 minutes. $60 single/$65 double, a la carte.


Sauna Therapy Safety Information for Guests



This ancient Tibetan healing art helps to balance energy flow through the body, easing disruptions caused by stress, injury and illness. Many people think of it like acupuncture without needles.

Reiki offers benefits for pain relief and pain management, helps to boost the immune response, detoxifies the body and aids in sound sleep. Reiki can ease some side effects of medication and aids in recovery after surgery and chemotherapy. Its most popular use is in the treatment of stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Reiki is quickly gaining acceptance and popularity as a valuable healing modality.

Reiki is extremely gentle and can be enjoyed fully clothed. At Preston Wynne Spa, you can add Reiki to facial or massage sessions, as well as enjoy a stand-alone Reiki healing session. It’s wonderful combined with a sauna therapy session. It’s very beneficial to shower or bathe following a Reiki treatment as it facilitates detoxification of the body.


Karuna Reiki with Joni Russell

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Joni Russell

Karuna is the highest wavelength of Reiki energy. Joni Russell is a gifted Reiki Master who also trains and attunes Reiki practitioners as well as individuals who want to provide healing for self and family.

Joni is certified by the International Center for Reiki Training. She continued her education to become a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and now assists clients in physical and emotional healing.

Karuna Reiki Treatment

60 minutes, $140


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