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Preston Wynne Spa Update.

Dear valued clients and Preston Wynne Spa enthusiasts,
I sincerely hope this message finds you well. Within the past few months, we have experienced something together world-wide with COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order that completely changed our lives. Unfathomable, felt like the world stopped spinning. I don’t think any of us suspected how long this would persist, how pervasive it would become, and even now there is still so much mystery surrounding the timing on businesses like ours and when they will be permitted to reopen. We also don’t know what our business will even look like moving forward with various social distancing rules and limited capacity.

Believe me when I tell you, this is an extremely difficult announcement for me to make. Preston Wynne Spa will be closing it’s doors until further notice at the end of June. There is a silver lining, we are searching for a new location. Preferably with a more cooperative landlord and reasonable rent that will allow us to weather storms and change more effectively in the future. It may take a while, our business model might need adjusting to conform to new post-COVID-19 standards, but we are up to the challenge to save our beloved spa. We are taking it slow, taking time to make a well thought out decision. Although this closure was shocking initially, I am very optimistic about the unlimited potential of a new location. Since taking over in early 2015, I have always had a vision for Preston Wynne Spa. This is my chance to start with a clean slate and a newer, fresher, more modern esthetic.

I will continue to service our online store via our website for your at-home skincare needs and will work on some solutions for at-home facial kits to keep you beautiful, fresh and hydrated while we are closed. I will also be blending the custom blend foundations from my home. Stay tuned for small pop-up social distancing events and campaigns through our social media for give-a-ways, raffles, and prizes. If you feel compelled to make a donation to Preston Wynne Spa, the staff as a whole, or a particular individual, feel free to reach out to me directly so that I can facilitate that transaction.

I would also like to recognize three of our most senior staff members; Laura Batchelor, Mary Batchelor, and Rochelle Meacham who have worked tirelessly to pack up 37 years and 6,000+ square feet of “stuff”. I literally could NOT have done this without you ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I love this quote straight from the heart of one of our veteran estheticians, Angie Passarelli:
“Preston Wynne Spa isn’t a building. It’s the people.The staff and the clients.”

Isn’t that so true? What makes Preston Wynne special and unique are the people and relationships that have developed and flourished over the past nearly four decades. On behalf of everyone at Preston Wynne Spa, I want to thank you all for your loyalty and support… Keep the faith!


Anjeanette Ohm

Spa Director/Owner

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